Professional home organizer Caralyn Kempner shares her wealth of interior home organizing experience in the book Top-To-Bottom Home Organizing. The book is uniquely designed as a genuine manual or reference guide. The sections are meant to be consulted out of order according to need.

Top-To-Bottom Organizing book has you covered whether you live in an apartment or single-family house. Almost every type of room or closet is featured in this inclusive read.

The book is designed to help people on any budget as inexpensive and high-end organizational essentials are equally discussed. In addition, each section proposes several alternative templates accommodating whatever spatial situation readers may have to work within their homes.

The author includes numerous bulleted lists of tips and artistic diagrams by illustrator and author Katie Erickson, depicting efficient storage techniques.

The book is a highly structured reference book with a mission to help you start any organizational project. It will offer several methods for you to select an organizational system that fits your style and budget.