Wall & Lateral Storage Arrangements Are Commonly Overlooked

From experience as a professional home organizer with my business, CK Organizers, I know most people need to consider incorporating vertical or wall storage solutions in their homes, especially when counters and floors are the only place to put things.

The main problem with rethinking space for storage is the lack of knowledge people have about storage essentials that can help. All too often, I do home organizing projects where the homeowners have containers and bins, but either something needs to be in them, or they need to be more optimized. Therefore, spending a little time researching home organizers with keywords like wall storage organizers or lateral organizers can help you find the many possibilities to store home belongings.

Think Through Things Before Rushing Out To Buy Organizers

Home organizing begins with decluttering or removing what you do not need or want. Then, you measure space for organizers and prioritize what items need containment the most.

The more necessary and the higher the frequency of use belongings have, the more accessible spots are required. Walls and lateral storage organizers like shelving units are always easy to access and ideal storage places for many articles such as spices, jewelry, dinnerware, cookware, books, and folded clothing.

Looks Matter With Open Storage Such As Wall Organizers & Open Lateral Storage

What type of organizer you use openly will either add or take from the room. Many lateral organizers, like open shelving, need aesthetic enhancements such as pretty baskets to contain loose articles, or they can become clutter-looking. I suggest inexpensive lateral storage essentials in storage and laundry areas, closets, or places guests do not visit. Decorative or concealed lateral or wall organizers are suitable for open walls in common areas of the home.

Wall Storage Never Looked So Darn Good

Pro-tip number one. An open storage organizer must be well-made and decorated to a degree, or you will only create an eyesore! Therefore, invest more and look for organizers that blend into the room and match the overall decor style. 

My favorite wall organizer is CK Organizer’s magnetic wall jewelry organizers, which come in small and large sizes. The organizers are well-constructed and made from heavy-duty metal with either a shimmering pearl or high-gloss finish.

The best part of this organizer is that it serves a dual purpose as it doubles as a bulletin board, making a great addition to a desk or dorm room where multipurpose anything is space-saving. 

The CK Organizers magnetic jewelry board is also for the creative person who wants to decorate. Use your photos, art, and postcards to match the decor of your room. 

The Cubiko mirror from West Elm is a stunning addition to any room. You can use it in your bathroom, vanity station, bedroom, or mudroom. Behind the mirror are hidden storage shelves for little articles like perfume, cologne, hairbrushes, toothpaste, toothbrushes, cleaners, toiletries, makeup brushes, vitamins, and medicines.

The IKEA Godmorgan mirror is a beautiful, sleek, shallow wall cabinet that can hold many items! Haircare, face creams and wash, shaving cream, cleaners, pet supplies, OTC medications, first-aid products, and eyewear. The wall cabinet mirror expands your space and hides so much.


The light-up wall shelf from Pottery Barn Teen is an excellent organizer for books, shoes, headphones, or anything that needs quick access. The shelf is a conversation piece that will add character and storage to a kid’s bedroom, playroom, or mudroom. The light-up wall shelf is an excellent example of how a wall organizer can add decor to a room.

Pottery Barn creates gorgeous wall organizers. One of my favorites of theirs is their tiered wall shelf organizer. I love how this organizer can store books stacked unconventionally. You can also use this organizer for toiletries and miscellaneous items like cellular phones, headphones, journals, and charging stations.

Pottery Barn’s Brighton chunky floating shelves are in style, especially in kitchens. They are a great alternative to expensive upper cabinets and are a great way to showcase your dinnerware. I also love them for collections and, of course, pictures and knick-knacks.

Favorite Lateral & Wall Storage Organizers For Hidden Spaces

The Container Store’s Elfa over-the-door utility rack is one of my favorite lateral organizers to use for a door. You can use it in a kitchen pantry or any home closet. Each mesh basket can hold individual groups of small items such as gloves, pacifiers, boxed foods, or shampoo.

The Container Store’s drop-front shoe organizers sell in case numbers for purchasing power. The drop-front design offers high accessibility to the footwear, and because they are well-concealed, they help keep shoes dust-free. These are great organizers for a garage, mudroom, closet floor, or overhead space. They stack, so as much lateral space as you need is available.

Large plastic stacking containers from The Container Store are a quick and easy solution to getting all the stuff off your closet floor. They can slide under a hanging rod to hold sweaters, jeans, hats, bathing suits, belts and overflow from your dresser drawers. They are also suitable for toys, games, shoes, umbrellas, towels, cleaners, and the list goes on and on!

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