CK Organizers Is Coming Soon!

CK Organizers is excited to launch its patented jewelry boards this January. The corporation sells its own patented organizers and nothing that is not its own.

The product’s unique feature is its earring holder, a never-been-seen way to hang pierced earrings. The earrings suspend from a magnetic jewelry holder, a face plate in the shapes of a star, moon, and lightning bolt. Holes line the perimeter of these shapes where earrings attach. The moon, star, and lightning bolt shapes screw into a magnetic peg. As a result, the magnetic earring holders can adhere to any magnetic surface.

Product Details

The jewelry boards come in a complete set, including a decorative magnetic board, hardware, 3M Command strips, earring holders, and clear magnets to hold other jewelry.

There are two decorative magnetic boards, a small board and a large oneā€”the small board measures twelve by three inches. The large board measures fourteen by fourteen inches.

The Large Jewelry Board

The large board is thick and sturdy. Moreover, it has a substantial weight, so it must install using anchors and screws. The large board has a subtle shimmer finish, including three earring holders, eight small magnets to hang other jewelry, and anchors and screws.

The large board is perfect for desk areas, makeup stations, bathrooms, closets, bedrooms, and dorm rooms where you can mount screws to the walls.

The Small Board

The small board was initially meant for the college dorm since many have cinder blocks or require no nail installation on the walls. Also, the small board is the perfect size for most college students that only take a limited amount of jewelry to school. It is light and compact, ideal for small dorm room settings.

The small board is also effective in bedrooms, closets, desk areas, makeup stations, and bathrooms for everyday jewelry that needs a quick and convenient place over an out-of-the-way holding place for jewelry.

What Is In The Works With CK Organizers

CK Organizer product designer, Gina Kempner, is working on a new set of shapes in different colors in addition to the current star, moon, and lightning bolt designs.

CK Organizers will also launch another new and different organizer, which the company received a patent on, which will also have unique features.

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