Nite Ize Gear Ties Organizer

A product that I recommend to my clients is called Gear Ties by Nite Ize. This product is best described as an exaggerated version of a basic grocery or garbage bag twist tie used for sealing purposes.

These ties have a strong bendable stainless steel interior wire core bonded securely to an outer heavy-duty rubber coating. This makes them comfortable to manipulate in your hands. The rubber casing prevents scratches, which is protective when bound articles are transported or grouped with other belongings.

According to the manufacturer of the product, Gear Ties are intended to receive multiple uses (in the hundreds). However, product testers have concluded that when these ties are bent enough times, especially at sharp angles, they will eventually break.  Even with this, the product still has merit because they are versatile, inexpensive, waterproof, reusable, and relatively durable.

The best way to rate the usefulness of Gear Ties is to evaluate alternative solutions. Household items tend to get bound with rubber bands, cable ties, and Velcro strips. There is also an  UNTIE  twistable ribbon cord wrap ( similar to Gear Ties made of a wire core in a silicone shell. Although some cable ties are designed to be reusable, most on the market bind your items securely but require tricky cutting to remove which makes changes to arrangements cumbersome. There is an array of Velcro ties in the marketplace, and most are easy-to-remove and adjust. However, Velcro ties bear little strength and attract hard-to-remove debris, which eventually makes them not stick. Thus far, twistable ribbon cord wraps come in two sizes, five and ten inches. Rubber bands, grocery produce bag, and trash liner ties are economical but have limited use and life.

Gear Ties come in many sizes which further expand their use. They also come in different colors.  You can use a specific color to assign a particular person’s possessions. Color can also differentiate or group articles.

For the home interior use, I like this product, namely for cord management. A home can have many types of cables and cords such as those attached to mobile technology, audio/video equipment, television/theater equipment, stereo, cameras, camcorders, computers, appliances, electronic toys, gaming systems and so on. Gear Ties are perfect for corralling, grouping, and shortening cables and cords.

There are a couple of concerns I have with Gear Ties. First, they acquire indentations in locations where they were twisted, so they are never perfectly smooth and straight after use. Secondly, Gear Ties which are continuously removed for regularly used cords such as those used to contain headphones, mobile charges, and appliances, become easy to misplace. Therefore, a designated container or transportable pouch is needed.

Gear Ties are carried at many local stores such as Home Depot.  You can also find them online at Walmart and Amazon,

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