A good budget-friendly closet system with a custom look is the IKEA Pax wardrobe system with IKEA Komplement accessories. The Pax wardrobe system is a partitioned unit constructed of laminated particle board. It comes in three widths: 19 5/8″, 29 ½” and 39 ¼”; Two depths: 22 7/8″ and 13 ¾”; and two heights: 79 ¼” and 93 1/8″.   The Pax wardrobe system color featured here was discontinued.

It is important to note that the deeper depth wardrobe unit, 22 7/8” has many more interior storage accessory choices than the 13 ¾” option.  This point brings about a significant topic I stress to my clients. Always consider your storage accessory options when you select a closet system. Generally, a closet system with many interior storage options is best because your needs will eventually change and you’ll want choices.

The Pax system I laid out in this post was tricky because it was a cut through space adjoining an entertainment area and bathroom. The client opted not to use sliding doors to conceal closet items since she wanted immediate access. However, we did decide to use a hinged mirror door on one piece because it matched well with other mirrored doors in the home and it faced the entertainment area. This piece also stored less accessed articles.

You need to play around with different size pieces to fit them well in your space because you are dealing with fixed sizes and not custom. The client had a freestanding ironing board that she wanted to keep and needed a place to hide, so we left a couple of inches free between the end of a unit and the wall where we slipped it in. You would not even know it was there.  We opted for the more in-depth groups for the entire system as to capitalize on the extensive accessory options. The organizing accessories that we picked were shoe shelves, jewelry drawer, drawers, accessory rack, nylon hampers, and overhead nylon containers.

What I like most about this closet system is that you have an option to install hinged or sliding doors so the system can look great outside a closet. There are also integrated lighting options such as LED light strips and spotlights which create an immediate upscale appearance.

An IKEA brick and mortar store has employees to help design your space but opt for a less congested time since it can be a stressful experience when they are busy which in my personal experience is quite often. From the Ikea website homepage, there is a “helpful link” header at the bottom. Click on “planning tools” and then “ Pax planner.” This tool will help you create a layout for closet using with your space dimensions and Pax components.

The Pax wardrobe system assembly instructions require particular wall-mount installation since improper installation can lead to tip-over injury. It is important to note the strength of the system. The hanging rods safely carry 88 pounds. The acrylic trays hold 22 pounds. The shelves and drawers can bear the weight of 44 pounds.

IKEA does do the installation for this product and warranties their installation for six months. There is a ten year “limited” warranty included with this system provided it is appropriately secured to a wall and is not placed outside or in a humid environment such as a bathroom. The warranty covers defects in material and quality. IKEA examines the product and decides at its sole discretion on the outcome of warranty claim.

In sum, I think you would be more satisfied than not with the IKEA Pax wardrobe and Komplement system for your closet belongings. Not many closet systems that offer a full-bodied construction can compare in price. IKEA is known for producing good quality yet affordable merchandise. The warranty, although limited is very reasonable at ten years. The amount of accessory options is generous, especially for the deeper cabinet. The system is made adjustable, and all accessories are easy to move around. It is essential to take proper care of the laminate finish as it can chip, scratch and ruin when it contacts moisture. Options like integrated lighting and doors make the Pax system stand-out among most competitors. IKEA also delivers and installs at a fair price.

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