Brand New Never Before Seen Magnetic Jewelry Organizer

Are you tired of the same old earring organizers that make it hard to remove your earrings or look messy hanging on your wall?

Professional home organizer Caralyn Kempner with CK Organizers created and patented an earring organizer with design in mind. The earring organizer is magnetic, so use it on a dorm refrigerator or school locker! The earring organizer is easy to unassemble, so it is easy to pack for travel or carry in a backpack or purse.

The earring organizer comes in three shapes: a star, moon, and lightning bolt. The shapes come in matte gold with a clear acrylic stem.



Magnetic Earring Organizer Comes With Two Different Size Boards

The large board is a light off-white with a delicate shimmer. The large board is 14 x 14 IN (35.56 x 35.36 CM).

The small board is a high-gloss white and can get wall-mounted with Command Strips that come included. The board can also get screwed to the wall, and gold fasteners cover these holes at either end. 12 x 3 inches (30.48 x 7.62 CM).

The small and large boards come with clear individual magnets to hold other jewelry items like necklaces.

The jewelry organizers make great gifts and come in excellent packaging for such purposes. However, due to the product including small magnets, the product is not recommended for girls under 15 years old as magnets are choking hazards for small children and pets.

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