CK Organizers will launch their patented magnetic jewelry board in January 2023!

Product inventor Caralyn Kempner founded CK Organizers. As a professional home organizer, Caralyn knew there needed to be a unique solution for hanging her twin daughters’ jewelry from getting tangled. She tried many organizers, but she knew there was still something to get created that would appeal to her daughters and her client’s kids, who all had a specific taste. In 2018, Caralyn Kempner came up with the idea to hang pierced earrings from a magnet. She applied for a United States utility patent for a peg-style holder that suspended earrings from a decorative attachment. In 2021, Caralyn received a utility patent grant.

Meet CK Organizers Small Board & Product Designer Gina Kempner

Caralyn’s daughter, Gina Kempner, designed the earring holder based on what was trending. As a college student, Gina realized that most dorm rooms did not allow holes in the wall because many are cinder blocks, or most schools do not allow damage to the walls in any way because other students will live in that room after you.

To get around this, the CK Organizers team created a small, lightweight board, 12-in x 3-in, to suspend the earring holders using 3M Command Strips, which do not leave holes on the walls and can hold several pounds. The one caveat to using 3M Command is their specific application process, or the strips can fail. Therefore, you must follow the 3M Command instructions verbatim; please follow our instructions (link) or 3M (link) for installation. The 12-in x 3-in board is called the company’s small board. The small board comes in a high-gloss 2-sided finish and has a nail or screw option to secure the product to the wall outside the 3M Command Strips. The holes for the screws or nails are covered with gold fasteners to hide them. The small board also comes with six small clear magnetics to hold other jewelry items such as bracelets, rings, and necklaces.

The small board is ideal for a school locker, especially for girls that play a sport and need to remove the earring or other jewelry for their sport.

The small board is compact to fit in a closet, desk area, bathroom, or tight space. Lastly, the small board makes for a great gift and comes in a lovely white box that only needs a bow!

Gina Kempner | Product Designer

Meet CK Organizers Big Board & Marketing Director, Jamie Kempner

The large board is 14-in x 14-in, and it is heavy-duty; you will be amazed at the superb quality of this board. In addition, the large board has a subtle shimmer finish in pearl. The big board makes for a fantastic bulletin board where you can decorate it with quotes, keychains, calendars, schedules, pictures of friends or family, and postcards. Anything goes with this board; you make it your own. The large board includes the proper anchors and screws, which are crucial to correct installation, and please do not use nails or another other than what we provide because the board is heavy and needs the proper mounting with anchors and screws. In addition, the big board includes three magnetic earring holders in the shape of a moon, star, and lightning bolt. The big board also has eight small clear magnets to hold other jewelry articles such as bracelets, rings, and necklaces.

The CK Organizers team wanted to find a way to prevent necklaces and bracelets from tangling and knotting. Our small clear magnets solve that problem because they hang jewelry. CK Organizers also wanted to offer a jewelry organizer that can suit anyone’s taste by making it customizable with your items and decor.

We are excited to launch our product in January 2023 after years of planning and preparation. Please follow along on our social media platforms, where marketing director Jamie Kempner, another daughter of founder Caralyn Kempner, produces eye-catching videos of their organizers for inspiration. Get social with us on @CK Organizers on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Jamie Kempner | Marketing Director

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