Magnetic Jewelry Boards Have Dropped

Our magnetic jewelry organizers are now available for sale. You can get yours at theĀ  CK Organizers site. The jewelry organizers are currently available for purchase in the United States only.

The Best Reasons To Invest In The Small Magnetic Jewelry Board

The smaller magnetic jewelry board measures 12 inches by 3 inches. It has a high gloss white finish on both sides. The smaller board is lightweight and can suspend with 3M Command Strips, which come included. In addition, the board is compact, ideal for people with minimal jewelry or who want to keep their everyday jewelry together in one convenient place.

Many people wear a certain amount of everyday jewelry like a ring, bracelet, or necklace and then have a fun or fine jewelry collection worn on occasion or the weekends. A compact jewelry organizer, such as a small jewelry organizer, is perfect for such a collection. It can get stored in the bathroom, closet, nightstand, or in a convenient place where the other jewelry may be more out of the way and less easy to access.

The small board is also compact enough to take with you while traveling. It is easy to set up with 3M Command Strips and helps keep visual tabs on your jewelry.

College dorm rooms are one of the best places for the small magnetic jewelry organizer. But, first, the no-nails installation may be a requirement in a dorm room, or the cinder blocks cannot manage nails. Many college students only take a few jewelry items to school, making the small magnetic board a perfect size. Lastly, space constraints and limited counter and drawer space add value to this organizer.

Special Features To The Large Magnetic Jewelry Organizer

The larger of the two magnetic boards available for sale measures 14 inches by 14 inches. The jewelry board is solid and feels substantial. It requires a screw and anchor installation so that the board stays on the wall as magnets continuously pull on and off the metal board.

The large jewelry organizer has a stunning subtle glitter finish in a pearl tone. It is neutral and can match any home decor.

One of this jewelry board’s best characteristics is its ability to hold photos, quotes, postcards, art, etc. You can classify this organizer as a memo board, and it can fit in a desk area. It works above a desk because jewelry holders are convenient at a workstation. Bracelets and rings are nice to remove while working on a laptop.

The ability to decorate the board is another fantastic attribute of this organizer. You can make the board your own. If you are musical, the board can reflect that with images of instruments or musical notes. A person involved in sports can display their team logos or achievement ribbons.

The large board’s multipurpose ability makes it perfect for a dorm room, bedroom, office, bathroom, closet, and idea in tiny houses or apartments where the counter and drawer space is limited.

Magnetic Jewelry Organization

Hanging jewelry by magnets offers many pros. The main plus is that magnets allow you to rearrange the space endlessly, thus adapting to different jewelry pieces coming and going.

The magnetic earring holders pull off the magnetic surface and are easy to maneuver, so retrieving and placing the earrings on and off the organizer is effortless.

The magnetic jewelry organizers make great high school graduation gifts when the student plans to enter college. The jewelry organizers come in a white box that is gift ready. Here are the two jewelry organizers for your purchase.

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