Base cabinets, which are those located beneath a counter, are tricky spaces to organize because the area is big but hard to access. It is essential to figure out how to utilize this space, or plenty of your storage gets wasted in the kitchen and bathroom where storage space is coveted in most households.

Think pull-out, handled, or transportable for this space. The best companies that produce storage organizers for new cabinets or those that can retrofit in your area are Rev-A-Shelf and Hafele.  Many base cabinets organizers that offer quality hardware and material can be pricy.  Retrofitting and installing new storage organizers to existing cabinets can require customization which can also add up in cost.

I found two quality organizers for base cabinets which are affordable and manage space well. The first one is made by the company Rev-A-Shelf and the second by Polder. Both are designed similarly as transportable caddy organizers. The Rev-A-Shelf caddy organizer comes with a mountable base that stabilizes the organizer while at rest.

The Polder and Rev-A-Shelf pull out caddy organizers are reminiscent of a classic toolbox. These organizers are designed to avoid the large drain pipe under the sink that may get in the way of most storage items. They can be lifted with their contents in place and carried by well-balanced handles to other rooms of the house.

The Polder caddy is freestanding and unmounted. It includes a snap-on bucket for keeping sponges and rags separate from other cleaning supplies. A plastic tray lines the bottom, which is easy to clean and includes an adjustable divider insert that offers three placement locations. You can use the steel wire supports to hang spray bottles, optimizing storage space within the base tray. Dual-sided knobs are easy to grab and reduce bending and straining to access. The Polder organizer can hold up to 15 lbs.  When fully assembled, the unit measures 16.75 x 10.5 x 16.5 inches. It weighs approximately 7 pounds.


The Rev-A-Shelf (544-10C-1) under sink pull-out removable cleaning caddy easily installs to the floor of your cabinet, and the rubber bottom bumper absorbers provide stability and protect your kitchen cabinets. It is a little wider than the Polder caddy and weighs more, 8 pounds. Your cabinet needs to have a minimum opening of at least 11-1.4” W x 16-1/2” D x 19-1/2” to ensure a proper fit. The organizer features an adjustable handle that slides in either direction to work around plumbing or other obstructions. The reversible/removable top tray is ideal for paper towels or sponge storage and allows for a right to left-handed installation.

In this post, I organized a base cabinet located in a mudroom. The client wanted a convenient place to house pet items. Working on a tight budget, I opted for a simple arrangement that would not entail handyman service. I used two Polder caddy baskets and placed them at either side of the cabinet, so they face each other.  Marshalls and TJMax retail stores were the go-to places for tin and plastic organizers to compartmentalize pet belongings such as toys and pet treats.  The caddy includes attachable baskets and dividers that further simplified the division of pet items.


In the back of the base cabinet, I transferred dry pet food into airtight storage canisters that have a gripping body and flip-top pour spout. I also found a cute little wicker basket with a rope handle for pet toys and placed it in the center of the base cabinet in between the caddy organizers.

Polder and Rev-A-Shelf companies have produced a convenient, transportable caddy organizer designed for the base cabinet. They were designed not to interfere with center plumbing pipes. These organizers are easy to move to a new location.  Although these organizers are marketed to hold cleaning supplies, I like to use them for pet items, stationery, office supplies, medicines, first-aid supplies, toys, and arts and crafts items.

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