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This post was written by Natalie Jones of Homeowner Bliss a recent homeowner looking to share her and husband’s experience with those looking to find their first home!

A Brief Guide to Selling Your Home in 2020

Home sales have seen a decline. Fewer prospective buyers are willing to visit homes in person. The real estate industry looks quite different than it did just a few months ago.

All of these statements are true, but the fact is that people are still searching for and buying homes. And if you’re wanting to sell your home during the COVID-19 pandemic, there are practical ways to get it done. From staging your home the old-fashioned way to using video chat to show your home, here is some information to guide you through the process:

Traditional Methods of Prepping
While technology is claiming more ground in the home selling process, there are still some traditional methods of getting your home ready that can’t be overlooked.

● One of the first things you should do when prepping your home for sale is to tackle any necessary repairs and/or renovations.

● Decluttering is a must when it comes to selling your home, and it’s important to do it thoroughly.

● Once your home is decluttered, you will need to deep clean it from top to bottom.

● Another essential part of prepping your home for sale is to make sure every room and space is uncluttered and organized.

● Then, you can move onto other phases of home staging, such as rearranging furniture and adding/removing decor.

Utilizing Technology
Now to the technological side of things: showing your home virtually!

● There are a number of ways to show your home via technology; a few of the most popular methods are 3D walkthroughs, live video chats, and video open houses.

● Listing photos and videos can also play a major role in selling homes.

● Interior lighting, quality of equipment, time of day, and many more factors make a big difference in how effective your virtual tours will be!

● In many areas, sellers and buyers can even sign sign documents and close on a home remotely.

Marketing Your Home Online
Along with prepping your home and making the most of virtual showings, be sure to utilize the web for marketing your home.

Social Media is a juggernaut when it comes to marketing, so take to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to get the word out!

● Consider other digital marketing opportunities, like an email campaign and virtual open house.

● Whatever web mediums you choose to use for marketing your home, be sure to write a glowing, accurate, and detailed description of your home.

If you want to sell your home, don’t let COVID-19 stop you from doing so. Consider the advice listed here for prepping your home, using technology to show your home, and making the most of online marketing. And don’t be surprised if you sell your home quicker than you can say “pandemic!”

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