I have used the IKEA Pax system for many of my clients. I recommend this system to people because of its affordability and good quality for the money.

Currently, you can pick between two heights 201 cm (79 1/2″) or 236 cm (92 7/8″), two depths of 35 cm (13/3/4″) or 58 cm (291/2″) or 100 cm (391/4″). The design of the system is a wardrobe closet. It rests on the floor and has a box construction with a back wall. The system can get used outside a closet. It can attach to the wall as a wall-unit or get built-in to a walk-in closet. In either case, proper installation is necessary with the use of particular anchoring. I would only use IKEA’s Task Rabbit installers to mount this system since improper installation can lead to dangerous incidences such as the system falling.

The back wall feature to this system makes the overall appearance look high-end. However, the back wall has a distinct split in the middle of panels, which buckles over time and looks noticeable. In this post, I used peel and stick wallpaper to hide this seam. You can also use textured paint or other wall covering, which genuinely adds to the overall glamour that is transparent in this system.

Many storage accessories come with the system, such as pull-out shelves, drawers, and baskets. They are all great at operating and sold at incredible prices. The disappointing part is that IKEA tends to discontinue great things. I had a client that I helped install the IKEA Algot closet a couple of years ago. They called needing some professional home organizing and more shelves for the closet system. My client was disappointed that IKEA dropped the Algot line. IKEA’s updated version comes with a completely different track, so no organizational components as the shelves could work. I think closet companies should keep the bones of their system the same and change everything else so that customer can update their systems in 5 years. In my industry, organizing needs change overnight, calling for adjustable systems and access to new or different components.

Likewise, the Pax closet system makes changes. The telescopic organizer used to hold the boots and handbags in this post is no longer available, and I wish they had not because it is a great feature. I also hope that IKEA decides to sell accessory parts when they discontinue a particular closet color. Sometimes, you can find these parts at online resale sites such as eBay.

The door options for the Pax closet system has improved. I love all the door style options and appreciate that they come in sliding or swing.

IKEA has branded itself as a budget-friendly merchant that can replicate an expensive style rather well. The quality is never lacking, and most of my clients are thrilled with the organizational products I suggest from this company. I am happy to see that they offer storage organizers such as those for your kitchen pantry, office, or bathroom at great prices and exceptional quality, making IKEA a one-stop-shop for any home organization project.

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