Gift-Giving Process

The giving and receiving of gifts is part of life, especially around the holiday season. While exchanging gifts is a fun transaction for many families and friends, it can also be a stress source. We have people on our shopping list that are impossible to shop for because they are too particular and nothing seems to please them. Some people are hard to shop for because we do not know what size clothing or accessory size to get them and the last thing we want to do is offend them by buying too big a size. The personal nature of gift-giving and the sensitive feelings of people can lead to misunderstandings or hurt feelings.

To remedy such awkward situations, we tend to buy generic gifts. Items such as liquor, candles, socks, ornaments, cologne sets, lotions, room mists, glassware, mugs, knick-knacks, stationary, pens, housewares, etcetera are some common ones.

It is always best to enclose a gift receipt for anything you give someone, so the receiver can exchange the item if they do not want them. Nowadays, more than ever, stores have strict return policies, and you are at their mercy without a gift receipt. Chances are you’ll receive a smaller amount in credit than the actual cost, especially after the holiday season ends.

Recycled gifts are not considerate to give, as all you are doing is getting rid of your clutter and passing it onto someone else. People know that your gift was not new, and worse, not thoughtful. Commonly, you can be judged as stingy. When money is tight, it is best to state that to a host, friend, or family member. You can explain that this year will not be suitable for exchanging presents. There is no shame in being forthcoming about your financial situation, given the state of the poor global economic conditions that are not your fault.

Why Buy Clutter-Free Gifts?

The trend today is minimalism. Home organizing, decluttering, and living with less stuff and room is highlighted everywhere in the media. I would guess that most people would take a gift card or cash over any present that equals the same amount of money. The only exception would be children, who love rushing to wrapped presents and opening them. Of course, there are those adults who enjoy the same fun.

The bottom line is to know the person you’re buying a gift for well enough, to understand what makes them happy. Using only your judgment on how you will gift-give without considering a receiver’s tastes or needs, is an act of control and selfishness.

Stores are crazed with endless return lines after the holidays for a reason. It means that millions of people buy gifts for people every year without considering the recipient’s needs. I have stood in these lines and donated many mystery gifts with tags removed to the Goodwill.

Clutter-free gifts are those that you do not have to return. These are gifts that the receiver usually enjoys and is relieved to receive. Buy them because you are most likely saving people time returning through the mail or standing in long lines. Only when they donate the item, someone wins.

What Are Clutter-Free Gifts?

Clutter-free gifts are usually not “things” at all. They do not take up permanent space in someone’s home. There are a couple of types of clutter-free gifts. First, we have experiences or activities, and then there are consumable goods that will be used up, not adding any permanent clutter.

Think About The Recipient

Whether you are buying a physical gift or a clutter-free one, it is always important to try and come up with thoughtful gifts that you are positive they will enjoy. If merchants are selling items well below manufacturing suggested pricing, and you think you’re doing someone a favor by getting them a great buy, think again. It is not what something costs; the usefulness to the receiver is all that counts. What matters most is buying something that recipients will love, use and buy themselves. It is that simple. If you are stuck, ask someone incredibly close to them for advice and share your ideas with that person.

Clutter-Free Gift Ideas


It is worth mentioning all these clutter-free gift ideas related to experiences even though we are globally struggling with social distancing. There are great deals on gifts that involve public gatherings and most are sold with extended expiration dates. COVID-19 will pass, have faith. Eventually, such gifts will receive use and maybe even sooner with a promising vaccine and public safety guidelines in place. Here are the top clutter-free gifts for this category.

• Museum/Zoo Passes
• Pool Passes
• Water Park/Amusement Park Season Passes
• Sporting Event Tickets
• Summer Camp
• Fishing License
• Comedy Show Tickets
• Theatre Tickets
• Movie Passes
• Concert Tickets
• Festival Passes
• Art Exhibit Passes
• A trip, plane ticket, or voucher
• Horseback riding lesson
• Skiing passes
• Ice Skating passes

Online Educational Courses

Business, Accounting, Marketing, Computer Science, Computer Podcasting, Social Media, Business Analytics, Entrepreneurial Studies, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Computer Graphics, Writing Courses, Editing Courses, Business Leadership, and, Astronomy

Online Arts & Language Classes

Jewelry Making, Woodworking, Musical Instruments, Cake Decorating, Drawing, Photography, Watercolors, Journaling, Knitting, Language Arts, Painting, Pottery, and, Embroidery

Online Fitness & Sports Classes

Yoga, Strength Training, Cycling, Gymnastics, Spinning, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Swimming, LaCrosse, Tennis, Volleyball, Pilates, Golf, Badminton, Table Tennis, Cricket, Archery, Fencing, Surfing, Rowing, Bowling, Shooting, Handball, Judo, Wrestling, Martial Arts, and, Self-Defense

Online Wellness

Yoga, A Meditation Apps, Nutrition Classes, Healthy Cooking Classes, and, Aromatherapy Classes

Self-Care & Services Gift Certificates

• Massages
• Facials
• Spa Day Package
• Manicure & Pedicure
• Hair Styling
• Make-up items
• Bath bombs, bubble bath, bath salts, oils, masks
• Soy Candles
• Car Washes
• Auto Detailing
• Lawn Services
• Landscape Design Services
• Snowplowing Services
• Babysitting
• Professional Home Organizer
• Oil & Filter Change
• Housekeeping Services
• Window Washing
• Painting Services

Subscriptions & Memberships

• Apps
• Netflix
• Satellite Radio
• iTunes or Spotify
• Audible Books
• Digital Books
• Online Periodicals or Newspapers
• Amazon Prime
• Hello Fresh
• AAA Membership
• Gym Membership
• Consumable monthly subscription food boxes and services


• Grocery Store
• Restaurant
• Gas Card
• Amazon
• Home Center


• Coffee & Tea
• Libations
• Specially delivered breakfast, lunch, or dinner
• Dried fruits, packaged dried meats, & nuts
• Cheese trays
• Cakes, pies, cookies, and donuts
• Homemade preserves


• Donate to a cause dear to the recipient
• A digital file of all your favorite recipes
• Plants or flowers
• Pet food for their animals

It is essential to think through a gift purchase. When you receive a gift, isn’t it always touching when someone gets it right? It shows that this person took the time and cared about what would be meaningful to you. It is never about the monetary amount of the gift. It is always about how well the person gets you and gives you something dear to your heart.
Clutter-free gifts do make the gift-giving task easy for many reasons. For sure, the recipient will probably not feel the need to recycle such a gift. They are practical, and that is always key and almost always universally acceptable.

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