My name is Caralyn Kempner and I am Professional Organizer in the Chicagoland area. I wanted to share with you my best storage tip.

Every home has one item in common that can easily become unmanageable: paper.

Commonly, most homes quickly accumulate hundreds of different types of papers ranging from children’s school calendars to medical documents. But these sprouting piles of paperwork—often found on kitchen countertops and dining room tables—can get minimized with the use of projects cases.

A project case is a translucent, heavy-duty plastic case that fits letter-size papers. Their up-to—two-inch depth and hold many documents. These organizers are found at stores that specialize in organizational essentials or office supplies.

There are many benefits to using plastic project cases:

  • They are easy to transport and have a snap enclosure to prevent accidental opening.
  • Any part of the case is easy to label.
  • Similar to a binder, they are stable enough to file on a shelf.
  • They can also lay flat, stack on top of one another, or be filed in a deep drawer.


There are many uses for project cases in a home office. The following offers some great ways to utilize these handy storage containers:

  • House temporary papers with pending issues, like insurance claims, bills, receipts, and so on.
  • Carry papers that need to travel outside the home in lieu of a briefcase or tote bag
  • Hold art supplies for ongoing scrapbooking, drawing, and collage projects.
  • Store homework or research information.
  • Store shopping lists, sales flyers, and coupons for the grocery store.
  • Keep fabric pieces, pictures, drawings, and paint samples for decorating projects that requires hunting around at various stores.
  • Separate photos while organizing albums or gathering photos for a video, montage, presentation, and the like. and the Container Store are two great sources for purchasing project cases. The project cases made by the company Iris USA have buckle closures which transport and secure well.

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  1. I love these plastic cases. I will use them for work – I travel a lot and traditional paper folders are flimsy and rip all the time- ugh
    Thanks for the great post

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