A New Magnetic Earring Organizer Is Hitting The Marketplace In A Couple Of Months

About CK Organizers

A professional home organizer, Caralyn Kempner, came up with the idea to create a new earring organizer. She learned while organizing jewelry that there needs to be an easier way to remove wall-mounted earrings and add some fun to the design.

Caralyn developed a magnetic earring holder prototype in 2018 and applied for a utility patent. With the help of a patent attorney, she came up with drawings and an earring holder mechanism that holds earrings to any magnetic surface. For a couple of years, she worked on a design, mainly with the help of her daughter Gina. The latter eventually became her product designer and shared content and social media manager roles with her twin sister Jamie.

The inventor, Caralyn Kempner, received the patent grant in 2021, and in 2022 another variation of the magnetic jewelry was patented.

About the Magnetic Jewelry Boards & Earring Holder

The magnetic jewelry holder can hold to surfaces such as school lockers, magnetic bulletin boards, steel, dorm fridges, magnetic paint, and magnetic plaster. All can get applied to a bedroom wall or workspace.

The magnetic jewelry organizer will include metal boards to hold the earring holders. The small metal board is ideal for a no-nails installation, commonly required in college dorm rooms, office spaces, or for those who do not like to put holes in their walls.

The larger board requires nails or screws, as it is a heavy-duty metal measuring 14-in x 14-in (35.56 x 35.56 cm) with a 1.5-in (3.82 cm) depth.

The smaller board is finished in satin gloss white on both sides and has holes covered by fasteners for an optional nail installation. The small board measures 12-in x 3-in (30.48-in x 7.62 cm) and includes six small clear magnets to hold other jewelry organizers such as bracelets, rings, and necklaces.

The large board has a subtle sparkle finish in pearl color and comes with eight small magnets to hold other jewelry articles such as rings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Please follow the Instagram account @ckorganizers for product inspiration and unfolding details about where this company is going. Learn more from the site when it launches soon www.ckorganizers.com Thus far, they are launching a small and big board soon, but founder Caralyn Kempner is already planning their biggest board which will have a new and different design altogether.

Please stay tuned!

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