Consider Parting With Your Wedding Dress

It may be worth considering parting a with wedding dress soon after the wedding for a couple of reasons, but first I must mention the ease of handing the dress cleaning and preservation process. You can always use a dry cleaner or retail store to handle the process for you, but most likely, they are paying a service to do the work, and it could cost you more going this route. Many online services offer free 2-way shipping that guarantees satisfaction. The costs typically range from 199-250 dollars. Ensure there are no hidden cleaning fees but do except to pay additional for repairs beyond the minor.

I think it is best to consider donating or selling your dress because the likelihood the dress will get repurposed by your children or someone in the family is unrealistic. Most people want to pick out their wedding dress, and brides-to-be love the excitement involved in shopping for that unique gown.

There are bridal boutiques that sell used dresses, and some rent them, which expands the opportunity for many brides-to-be to acquire their own dress. These places are perfect platforms to resale your used wedding dress. Some of the best places to do so are online resale websites that do not take a commission, only an upfront listing fee of 25-50 dollars. You would then be required to deal with all the sales transactions such as inquires and shipping. The best chance you will have to sell your dress would be shortly after your wedding while the dress is still in style and you did not sink costs in preservation. When you sell your dress even in like-new condition, expect less than half of what you paid in return.

Give The Gift Of Your Gown

Donating your dress is so rewarding because of all the great causes that need them. Almost all places that accept donated dresses will want them to be five years or newer, so they have the best chance at reselling the item. In most cases, have the wedding dress professionally cleaned. Dry cleaners are happy to give discounts on cleaning donated bridal gowns. Dresses made of polyester can often be turned inside out and washed in a front load washer. Otherwise, a 25 or 35 dollar donation is customary so that the organization can take care of the necessary cleaning. In most cases, the wedding gowns get shipped at the donor’s expense.

Most places that accept your donations are nonprofit organizations and automatically provide the donor with a receipt.

Angel Gowns

I cleaned and preserved my wedding gown and later decided to donate it after discovering a nonprofit organization, The Emma & Evan Foundation. As a professional home organizer, I am proficient in decluttering my home. I can easily part with most sentimental items, but the wedding dress was different. I was concerned with my bridal gown’s safe passage, and I needed to have it go somewhere special. The Emma & Evan Foundation supports families who have lost the littlest of souls far too soon. Donated wedding dresses transform into beautiful infant burial gowns, also called Angel Gowns. These gowns go to hospitals, birthing centers, funeral homes, and directly to grieving families completely free of charge. They also sell keepsakes made from your dresses, such as ornaments and framed lace keepsakes, so your memories are preserved on a smaller scale. The proceeds from these items also fund the program.

They have a dedicated board of directors and a great network of volunteers from all parts of the United States who set aside some of their time in the hopes of providing just a little comfort to a family going through the unthinkable tragedy of losing a baby.

The Emma & Evan Foundation is personal because I had struggled with infertility and first-trimester miscarriage. Most people who support particular charities do so because they share a personal experience related to the cause.

Charities That Sell Your Dress So Proceeds Benefit Causes

Brides Against Breast Cancer sell used dresses to fund Breast Cancer research and programs. The organization only accepts current dresses, up to 2 years old, because they must resell them to receive money. Therefore, donating your dress right away is essential. Brides Against Breast Cancer requests that the dress is professionally cleaned and suggests a nominal donation of 35 dollars to have them do this for you. All that is required is to complete an online form and send the dress out to them.

Brides for a Cause is a nonprofit organization that collects and resells wedding dresses to raise funds for various charities. The types of beneficiaries include those that:

· Support women with cancer and heart disease
· Promote positive self-image for young women
· Support women in the military
· Provide relief for abused and disabled women

Brides for a Cause would appreciate a professionally cleaned dress or a 25 dollar donation to sell the dress. Please ship your dress to them.

Adorned in Grace resells donated gowns and accessories where the proceeds prevent sex trafficking victims and help sex trafficking victims.

You can find their shops in Gresham, Oregon, Southwest Portland, and Lakeview, Washington. The business philosophy helps build awareness and provides brides with exceptional prices on wedding dresses and bridal accessories.

I am fond of this organization because they help influence people to bring knowledge about sexual exploitation to their place of worship, and they run a book club focusing on the subject matter. The Anti-trafficking book club takes place virtually on Thursdays. For more information, contact them via email at to join.

Gift Your Gown

A dedicated team runs Brides Across America with decades of experience in the bridal and retail industries. Their mission is to make dreams come true by giving military and first responder brides a free wedding gown.

There is an online form to complete which requests wedding gown details such as age, designer, size, style, etc. Once reviewed and approved for donation, they will give you shipping instructions and an address.

I am fond of an organization that takes what they need, as Brides Across America makes sure your wedding gown will get repurposed.

Wedding gowns are among the top sentimental items that people are strongly encouraged by friends and family to preserve and store. However, when your dress gets assembled into a preservation box with a seal, it is never opened again. People are afraid to expose it to air, dirt, and body oils, which compromise the gown’s material. Therefore, the dress will not get viewed and most likely will never receive use. It does not make sense to me, but I did this anyway for years. I can tell you, sharing my dress with someone else was exciting. It is all about recycling, reusing, and giving.

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