Living In A Tiny Dorm House

Dorm rooms are like tiny houses because the occupant needs to fit all aspects of living essentials, plus a roommate, into 250-290 square feet of space. For example, a dorm room may require space for a mini fridge, food, dinnerware, tableware, toiletries, clothes, sports gear, cleaning supplies, paper goods, mirrors, medicine, and desk supplies. The list can get extensive.

There are many ways to manage your dorm room space. Still, the big lesson here is to understand that one needs to live with less than what they are used to at home. So start your dorm organizing well in advance of move-in day.

A professional home organizer focusing on dorm room organizing would be a great way to start. They will sort through all your college-bound belongings showing you how to pare down to the essentials and how to limit the unnecessary but fun items such as decorative pillows or LED string lights.

Top Ways To Efficiently Organize Your Dorm Room

What To Do With Cinder Block Walls In Your Dorm Room

Many college dormitories have cinder block walls so that nothing can get installed with a screw or nail. Every inch of space in small quarters is valuable, and missing out on a wall of room is not feasible.

The best solution for cinder block wall usage is to find organizers that mount with 3M Command Strips. Unfortunately, not all surfaces accept 3M Command Strips, but painted cinder blocks and drywall do.

Wall-Mounted Jewelry Organizer by CK Organizers  Fastens To The Wall With 3M Command Strips

CK Organizers Small Jewelry Organizer is a compact jewelry organizer perfect for the amount of jewelry a college girl needs. The best part is that this organizer holds earrings on magnetic holders in the shape of a moon, star, and lightning bolt. In addition, the tiny magnets store other jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets, and rings. You can also place photos, postcards, art, reminders, school notes, and quotes on the board so the organizer acts as a memo station.

Key Organizer by 3M Command Brand Products

Keys of any kind need a designated home. What you aim to avoid in a dorm room is leaving keys in different spots each time, which surely will not help you find them in a pinch when you are running late to practice or a class.

Blow Dryer Holder by 3M Command Brand Products

Let’s face it, a blow dryer is necessary for many people, but storing space hogs like styling tools is a pain—the perfect solution for a small dorm room is to look to the walls for storage solutions. The blow dryer holder by 3M is coil-shaped, so hot styling tools cool off appropriately.

Strong 3M Command Hooks To Store Heavy Totes and Bags

Backpacks, laundry bags, totes, or sports bags are the most challenging items to store due to their bulkiness. The 3M Command Strips hooks can hold up to fifteen pounds each, a good amount of weight. As a result, you can hold laundry bags, handbags, totes, briefcases, backpacks, and sports bags without worry.

3M Command Strip picture ledges are a great way to hold many dorm room essentials. For example, this picture ledge can keep photos of your friends and family, journals, novels, calendars, or assignment books.

 3M Command Strip products top the charts for storage organizers for desk organization because, of course, they take advantage of common untapped wall space. 

The best products are the  Command™ Spring Clip to hold papers,  and the Command™ Clear Smartphone Station to keep cell phones.

The Winner’s Pick For Top Dorm Desk Organizer Is The Wall-Mounted Jewerly Board By CK Organizers 

A dual-purpose organizer is always the one to buy when faced with space constraints. CK Organizers has the perfect solution for a dorm desk because their magnetic jewelry organizer is essentially a magnetic board that can hold schedules, important notes, and jewelry. Now that is space efficient, plus the jewelry organizer can get personalized, and the moon, star, and lightning bolt earring organizers are adorable.

Elevate Your Desk By Adding Lateral Compartments

Desk hutches that are floor-standing add many storage compartments to place books, music, electronics, jewelry, and snacks. There are also desktop shelves resembling hutches, perfect for smaller desk essentials such as staplers, pens, markers, post-it notes, rulers, and binder clips. They are easy to find on Dormify, Target, Amazon, and Dorm Company.

So Much Storage Opportunity Under-The-Bed

The most important thing to consider for storing stuff under the bed is how you can raise the bed. All dorm room beds are different. Some can rise so you can keep large organizers beneath them, while others can go up near the ceiling so you can store your desk under the bed. The beds that offer room for ample storage organizers and do not go too high can benefit from leg extensions, such as the Suprima bed risers from The Dorm Company, so you have additional height under the bed. Consider moving the mini-fridge or extra seating for guests, such as folding chairs and floor pillows, here when you can add extra height space under the bed.

Think Pull-Outs For Under-The-Bed To Save Your Knees

Why strain your back and crawl on your knees to retrieve things from items on the floor and under a bed? Here are the best organizers for the floor, and always consider storing untraditional items in pull-out drawers, such as paper and sanitary products, food, shoes, journals, art supplies, electronics, and memorabilia.

The best under-the-bed drawer organizers are those that come in stacking pieces, such as the IRIS USA
27.5-quart plastic under-bed storage containers with sliding organizer drawers. They come in a four-pack and are stackable storage bins. I like the plastic because they are easy to clean in case of spills that are bound to happen in a dorm room.

The product comes in a four-pack and are stackable storage bins. Plastic storage organizers are smart because they are easy to clean in case of spills that are bound to happen in a dorm room.

Behind the bed, you can get a wire floor bed hutch to take advantage of lateral space, which most people do not think about. These organizers are perfect for blankets, pillows, and all linens. In addition, books, journals, eyewear, or decorative items are perfect for storing here.

Bed caddy organizers and trays are also ideal for the bed as they can replace a typical nightstand which is usually impossible in many dorm rooms. These trays are great for electronics, reading lamps, eyewear, notepads, journals, pens, hand lotion, manicure sets, snacks, cups, water bottles, dental cases for appliances, and books.

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